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Keep interaction settings when changing destination frame


As shown in video, when moving the interaction ‘arrow’ or ‘link’ from one layer to another in order to change which overlay is displayed, action changes from ‘Open overlay’ to ‘Naviate to’. I would expect it not to change action from this.

While this is not an ideal solution, you can change destination frame in the interaction details panel and your action type won’t be changed:

I moved your post from questions to #product-ideas as currently it’s not possible to avoid this.


When replacing overlay, it changes display behaviour. In video above example is going from ‘manual’ to ‘centered’. I would want behaviour to be that it does not change, but keeps the display behaviour that I’ve already chosen. i.e. ‘Manual’ remains ‘Manual’.

Thanks for the suggestion. If you have a lot of items that are very similar, like for example a long dropdown or list, it’s faster for me to select by mouse because they’re likely to have the same name.
By ‘not possible to avoid this’, I assume you mean that’s what the Figma behaviour is in the current version. Also, these are two separate things but they are so similar that I guess it makes sense to put them in the same thread. thanks

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