Jump straight to overlay frame for editing

Figmalover here with a question/suggestion: I have a lot of overlay frames and I like to keep them all together in my file. This means these overlay frames are sometimes physically far away from the artboard with which they interact. However when I am working on an artboard on which certain elements have an ‘open overlay’ interaction and I need to edit the content within that overlay, I need to scroll all the way towards that overlay frame. It would be very handy that when I select the element, I have an option to jump straight to the overlay. Is this possible through shortcut or any other way. Maybe I missed something but I don’t think this is possible?


Hey @Bart_Van_Hecke this doesn’t exist out of the box however you could use a plugin and some shortcuts to help.

For example you could use a plugin like this: https://www.figma.com/community/plugin/1040373257649266080/Select-by-Name
to quickly search and select the name over your overlay frame. From there you can use shift+2 to center the selection in view.

Again not as ideal as a singular shortcut but might still help. :smile:

Thx for the reply Josh, I see how that works and it’s a handy plugin, but Figma kind of has this feature as well where you right-click and choose 'select layer. Furthermore it’s still a bit too clumsy for what I’m after. It would be a really nice feature to have it built-in in Figma, where you could have an extra button in the prototype tab called ‘go to interactive element’ or have it in the contextual menu on right-click. Maybe something for one of the next updates :wink:

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