Joining a FigJam with my main account not another

I have two Figma accounts. A workplace one and a personal one. When I get a link to a Figjam board I get asked which account do I want to join the Figjam board with in the browser but when I open the desktop app I was shown a card that had a big black button on it saying "Continue as “my personal acct email”! That just does not make sense and there was no way to get out of it or select my workplace account to continue. Therefore, I couldn’t join the Figjam session because I didn’t want to use my personal account. 1) If I have already selected my workplace account just take me into the Figjam and don’t ask me to continue with my personal account (!) and 2) Please give users the option to select their preferred account in the desktop app even if there’s a screw-up. There was no way for me to get out of that dialog, cancel out, or select another account I only had the option to close the window. That’s pretty bad UX.

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