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Join a line to a shape in a flow chart

Hi, I am asking this question with the experience of OmniGraffle in mind. In OmniGraffle, one can attach a line to a shape, such that, when the shape is moved, the line moves with it.

Is there a way to do this in Figma also please? I am specifically trying to create a flow chart, such that the arrows between the decisions and processes stay in place.

I can’t see an obvious way to get the behaviour I want, which, I am sure you can all appreciate, means that I can’t really use Figma for this purpose. That would be a shame.



This is not possible in Figma natively. However, there are plugins that can do this, but only while the plugin is open. The best one for me is Autoflow, but you can find alternatives:

Also feel free to create a topic in the #product-ideas category to suggest this.

Many thanks, I tried Autoflow, and it does work. The overall experience is lacking though. I guess that Figma is not quite what I had the impression it would be.