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Jira Figma plugin not working on Safari

Since you implemented the possibility of viewing protected Figma files in the JIRA plugin, is not working for me in Safari. It works without problems in Chrome, but it should work in all browsers. I tried in several computers and the problem still persists.

Are you aware of this issue? Are you planning to fix this?


Use the bug report form to contact Figma team and tell them about this issue. Don’t forget to include screenshots or more info about what specifically you are seeing and what “not working” means (does it crash? show errors? white screen? etc.)

Unchecking “Privacy → Prevent cross-site tracking” in Safari settings fixed this for me.

Thanks for the solution! but I think I will wait for a fix from either Figma or Atlassian. I already reported the bug a while ago and I will keep waiting, I don’t think I want to sacrifice my privacy for this.