Issues with sharing prototypes

Hi. I am transitioning from using Sketch. I was previously using Invision for sharing prototypes with our development team. Unfortunately, Figma prototypes don’t work as smoothly as that experience.

I’m hearing that the prototype flickers and acts very erratic for the team. They are unusable on Chrome, but marginally usable on Firefox if the additional parameters are stripped from the link.

I am choosing ‘Copy Link’ from the share button in the Present view. The development team is on Ubuntu.

Has anyone had a similar experience, or have any suggestions?

Hello. Does anyone else have issues with Prototypes on Firefox on Ubuntu or elsewhere?

What Sketch/InVision actually does is just showing the whole artboard as an image.
Therefore it lacks prototyping and dynamic content.

You could still upload your figma screens to InVision if you prefer that workflow. Instead of the prototype itself you could also share the file directly to the development team.