Issues with publishing components, says "Can't publish while offline"

I am unable to upload the file, instead of having really good internet speed. How to solve, as I tried:

  • Reloading the file multiple time.
  • Closing, reopening Figma.
  • Upon clicking Retry, it is just stuck and says publishing forever.

Internet Speed: 20-25 mbps

What should I do? Anyone facing similar problem?

Hey @Harsh_Singhal, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

If you’re not actually offline, it’s usually something on your network, like a proxy or security setting, blocking you.

As a first check can you try another network (i.e. mobile hotspot) and see if this allows you to publish? If another network doesn’t help, we also suggest checking an alternate browser, just in case there’s an extension or connection error in the app or browser you’re currently using.

Sorry to hear this is happening. Please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help:

If these don’t help, please use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with, so they can take a closer look.

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