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Issues with Published Libraries

I’ve been having problems with libraries for the last 2 weeks.

It all started with the error “! Publishing failed”.
With the method of exclusion, I’ve figured out that the problem was in one of the frequently used components. I had to delete it and create a new one to apply the changes.

After that, I started noticing other minor glitches: when the component was not updated in the file, but it should; or randomly updates began to come from the Design System, but I know for sure that no one was in the file at this time. And the changes were signed “Published by Nazar (by me) 30 days ago.” (strange).

However, last Friday, things started to happen that just ruined the work: components from the library began to disappear in the file (in whole or in part), leaving only abound - content in the Component looks like “hidden” but is not displayed in the layers either.
Attached screenshot for clarity:

The same thing occurs even if I copy components directly from the Design System to the file - It pastes without layers inside.

This problem still remains. I do not understand how to fix it. It seems that I’ve tried everything so far.
It is not an option to redesign everything (file size ~ 450 megabytes with prototypes).

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