Issues making payment from Credit Card

Payments are Absolute disaster. - tried 6 + cards till date, all from top banks in india, debit & credit … none work , no reasons given whatsoever … Its very painful to have such a small problem going unsolved by figma for so long !


PUHLEEEZ do something !!

I am facing same issue…surprised that Figma choose to ignore all customers from India !!

Hey All,

The forums are primarily run by the community. For Billing issues, please reach out to the support team directly for help:

Hi Denise,
I believe you already posted the same message in June 2022, which didn’t help.

Please try to understand the nature and critical impact of the problem and then respond.

Even after your post, too many folks continued to raise concerns. Most of these people are startup founders and business owners. Their work is seriously getting impacted, and if someone from Figma customer support had helped in the so-called official support channel/email/form, they wouldn’t have been showing their frustration here. It is a fact that Figma doesn’t care about customers from India. Here are a few examples,

  1. Almost all folks in this thread are from India. It means there is some real issues with credit cards issued in India. So Figma should fix it OR make it clear on the website that folks from India can not upgrade clearly to avoid frustration.

  2. In Jan 2023, my team member(Ankit) wrote to Figma customer support that our credit card was not working. We tried multiple credit cards, and all were failing. None had fund issues. Interestingly one of those credit cards worked one month back. But the Figma customer service rep replied, “Your credit card is not supported”. Then how did that work the previous month? Did Figma suddenly remove the supported credit card? Is there a list of supported credit cards for Indian customers? [ Evidence is in the first attachment. ]

  3. I again wrote to them in Mar 2023. Same response “Your credit card is not supported”. I asked which credit card from India is supported. Response - “We can’t tell you. Check with your bank.” My bank says that they have not even received the payment request from Figma. So they can’t help. Moreover, how will the bank figure out which Indian credit card is supported by Figma/Stripe ??? (Refer to a customer support ticket #704055 for this incident)

    I have used my cards on many recurring bills in the Apple store and other US-based websites. This is an issue with Stripe used by Figma, and they don’t want to fix it for some reason. The least I expect from Figma is to find the real reason for payment rejection and tell users from India which card will work OR not work. I have a few more data points to add…but I will pause.

    You have been working for Figma as Community Specialist for over 20 months. The least I expect is that you take all these customer pain points in these forums, escalate them to Figma mgmt, and get them fixed. Instead, you r just re-directing them back to the support channel, which does not help.

    Unfortunately, I have already invested in a short-term consultant in Figma. If I had not invested, I would have moved away from Figma long back.

    Please escalate to customer support in your company and help us if you can.



I wrote to them and got a reply that couldn’t help us. The problem is how Figma can rely on only one payment gateway. They are using Stripe atm.

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Damn. Almost a year and still no solution to this. Unbelievable!

Thank you Suresh for clearly articulating the pain points that we are facing.

Hey Suresh,

We hear you, and sorry for the frustration. Product Support is already aware and monitoring this thread. While we wish we could do more for you here, our team is only here to monitor and moderate the forum. We’re not equipped to handle any billing issues.