Issue when Prototyping Input Text field variants when changing the input field's instance width

I am trying to use the prototype feature between variants for an input field. However when changing the input field width based on responsive design, the prototype will change the input field frame size to the one in the master component variant and wont honor the component’s instance width. I find it hard to believe that I need to create size variants in order for the prototype feature to work correctly.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Hi @Essa.

I know how to fix the issue. My assumption is you are using the auto layout trough out the components and child elements?

In any case — to remain any width overrides — your components and all variations should have same naming across all elements.

And it’s not enough to leave auto renamed layers!

For example:

  1. If you have Input Content as text content.
  2. In your layers panel that text layer will also be named Input Content.

But that is not enough, you have to override the default automatically assigned name.

Because if you make an instance and change text layer to be “” the layer name will change to “”.
And after you switch the instance it won’t remember the width overrides as the name changes back to “Input Content”.

So just make sure:

  • All text layers are named in the same way in your master variant set
  • You have to give it manual name — even if it’s the same automatic name Figma gives it to avoid any override issues

Now your variant instances will switch in a proper way — maintaining all overrides.

Let me know if this helps. I can make a video guide for you if you get stuck.

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