Issue downloading Figma on Macbook

I am having issues downloading Figma on my Macbook Pro. When I move the app into the applications folder and try to open Figma, it won’t open at all.

Hi @R.J_Moore ,

When you try to open Figma, do you get a pop up “You can’t open the application Figma because it may be damaged or incomplete”?

If so, can you try downloading the desktop app from these links to fix the issue:

If you’re not sure what processor you have, just use the first Intel link.

If this is an enterprise/corporate environment, please ask your IT team to look at Enterprise deployment of Figma desktop app.

Please also notice, the minimum operating system (OS) requirements on Mac is 10.13 (macOS High Sierra) or later. Our guide for the Figma desktop app: here

Hope it helps!

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