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Issue: Cannot select/highlight text in prototype mode

Hi all,

When prototyping in Figma, I am unable to select/highlight text within prototype/presentation mode. This is a massive issue, as it means I cannot test prototypes with users where I require them to ‘copy’ a promo code (for example) to their clipboard.

This is also an issue as I am currently working on building out a UI Guideline within Figma and I do not have the ability to allow stakeholders to copy hex codes for specific brand colours.

I am sure there is a wider list of reasons than those mentions above as to why not having this functionality sucks, and was wondering if anyone was experiencing the same issues. I don’t have this issue on Axure prototypes, as you can see in the videos attached.

I hope someone is able to tell me a hack for this, or even better, solve the issue!



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I’m having a similar issue. Did you find a solution?