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ISO Best Practices for Agencies managing multiple clients

We’re looking for some best practices for how agencies that are operating at a Professional account level are managing multiple client-organizations working in figma.

Currently we handle files in a more manual fashion: receiving view-only access from client>saving local instance>uploading into our Professional account so our teams can access and edit as needed internally>share back with client. Essentially following a ‘baton-pass’ model.

This is not ideal and creates a number of issues (as you can guess). Our motivation to work this way was to better manage how many editors we had accessing our files (and getting hit with $15/mo fee with every new editor-share-collaborator—I believe both our clients’ accounts and our accounts were getting billed this feel btw).

Open to suggestions here.

We would like to maintain some level of workspace for our internal teams, but them more easily be able to receive and share updates with our clients and possibly work more collaboratively alongside their teams in the future.

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any better ideas on this @Brad_Rhodes?
i really don’t get this model, it seems so anti-collaboration…
as a freelancer with a pro plan, the price for collaborating is that the same user gets to be billed twice!