Is user in prototype mode and on which frame?

I’ve got a question: Is it possible using the Plugin API to figure out if the user is in prototype mode (on another tab) and if yes - on what frame the user is on?
If this is possible in some form or another this would help me out a lot.
Thanks in advance.#

Not possible via the plugin API.

Your only option AFAIK is manual: You can open up the prototype, click on the avatar of the user you’re interested in tracking, and visually watch their progress through the prototype.

That’s unfortunate, my goal was basically to do user-set actions using the Plugin when a specific frame is prototyped.

It’s a good idea; I would encourage you to post it as a feature request here: Feedback - Figma Support Forum I am also interested in the idea of actions triggered from a prototype vs. the editor myself, but there are probably some security implications that would make this feature unlikely.

Alright, I did that now. I hope what I wrote makes sense…?
Feature request: Prototype integration - Plugin API / Feedback - Figma Support Forum

Thanks again for helping me in the first place :smiley:

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