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Is this a bug? Background UI board stay behind the main artboard

When I start my job today I found the “Background” UI board is behind the main Artboard, so I couldn’t get access to some tools of the board. Here is the screen snapshot. Is this a bug? or I use Figma in a wrong way?
My environment is: MacOS 11.5, Safari

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    When I want to edit shadows properties, or change details in the font, or try to select a different color from the color picker spectrum, all these side menus are not being displayed.

  2. Add as much context as possible (screenshots, Figma files, mockups, etc.)
    I’m using Safari on Mac
    for each of these properties the side menu is not being displayed.
    It is like the side menu is hidden behind another layer or being cropped.

Already restarted my computer

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    has anyone faced this bug?

This was a bug on Safari some time ago, there is a chance it is back now. Report a bug to Figma support team via the bug report form and use another browser or the desktop app in the meantime.

Hi Eason, same problem here… I hope they can fix it soon :confused:

Thanks, I use Microsoft Edge and everything is ok, I will report this bug to Figma team.

I use Microsoft Edge and everything gonna be ok, so I think this problem only appear on Safari

The colour pallet is cropped in the left column and I’m unable to move it in the main area.

Stupid question but my color panel is hidden outside of the right side, like showed on the picture? How to fix?

This issue just started to happening on the Mac desktop app
I am running Big Sur 11.3

Hello! Same problem here on Mac online using Figma on Safari

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