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Is there such a thing as a "Corporate Access Token"?

Hi folks,

I noticed that seems to use the Figma Files API without going through the OAuth Flow? How are they doing that?

I guess I can do the same for any public Figma file using my personal access token, but will Figma rate-limit me or ban my account if it hits some volume threshold?

Is there such a thing as a corporate access token that allows for “legit” use of the Figma API without going through the OAuth flow for any publicly shared files with more lenient rate-limits etc?

Or do you recommend just using a personal access token for this?

Not sure how they are doing it. There is no such thing as the corporate token, at least I never saw anything like this mentioned publicly. Yes, there are rate limits (10 requests/minute) and shadow bans. I think the best way would be to use OAuth in this case.

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We have the same problem.
We are using an organization account and maze can’t access to our prototypes.
Is there any solution to this that doesn’t requires to open the file to everyone?
Thanks in advance

I think the only option in this case would be to message Maze and ask to implement some other auth mechanics such as using your personal access token or OAuth. It’s a problem on their side, Figma already has auth mechanics mentioned above which Maze isn’t using apparently.