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Is there any way to see what changes have been made on a component before I publish it

Okay so basically my company a large library of pre built, standardized assets, icons, fields, etc that can be used. With all of these things my team has been building different widgets and pages into components with variants. It has been super great and easy to use.

However, the issue I am running into is when I am going to publish my widget library, there doesn’t seem to be any way to see what changes were made to the widget except “Modified”, “Added”, or “Removed”. The question is, is there some way to see more info that this?

The scenario is that if one of the assets I am using in my widgets gets updated and I review and accept that update for my widgets library, now when I go to publish changes for the widget I was working on, all widgets that use that asset that got updated now need to be published. This is fine, however, I have 2 teammates also working in this widget library and I don’t want to accidentally publish something that they haven’t finished working on. Now you might say “just publish the widget you were working on and you don’t have to worry about that”. This is true, and that is what I have been doing. However, If we are each doing that then the widgets we aren’t working on that simply just got a small asset update are not getting published and the publish list gets huge.

If there was some way on the component publishing screen to click on a component and see a before and after snapshot of what is being published (something like a visual image changelog) then it would be easy for me/my team to publish these widgets without having to worry about stepping on someone’s toes.

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