Is there any way to "save" previously made interactions?

I am currently using Figma to prototype a hospital related app for my master’s thesis and I’ve run into the following problem:
Ideally, I’d need to find a way to save previously selected boxes, interactions, etc. if the user decides to go down the same path twice. For example:
When the user goes down a path, e.g. to order food for the next day, he will start on the home button, click the “order food button” then get to the choice menu and select something. The return button will lead them back to the home screen. Now, if he clicks on the “order food” button again, he will go down the same path as he did at the beginning, which obviously has not saved the selection he previously made.

Is there a way to trigger a certain path to happen if the user has previously gone down that path before? So if the user had previously already selected a food and returned to the home button, clicking on the “order food” button again would trigger to go to the selection page again? Or do I have to then create a “new” or “second” home screen that then routes to the previous selection screen if the user goes down that route again? I guess this is an option, but that would be a PAIN haha.

I hope my question makes sense. Thank you for any help you might be able to offer.

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any way to save state like you described. The only hacky way to do it is to create a 2nd home page like you described, which is not ideal.