Is there any way to enable vertical scroll dynamically?

Case scenario:
I have a navigation drawer with several menu items. Each menu is a dropdown, so it has two different states: open and closed. Opening a menu increases its height within the navigation drawer and reveals more options.

When each dropdown is closed, there is no excess content and there should be no need for vertical scrolling. However, when a dropdown opens there may be a possibility of overflowing content. How can I handle that?

I put vertical scrolling on the frame with auto-layout that contains the closed menu items. I tried adding an empty frame inside it that exceeds the height of the navigation drawer to enable vertical scrolling. This makes vertical scrolling possible when a menu item is open, but as a result in the default state - with all menus closed - the list is scrollable, which is not ideal.

Is there a hack or something Iā€™m missing?


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