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Is there an opportunity to do a White Label Design System?

Hello, guys!
Is there an opportunity to do a White Label Design System?

I need to use one Library of components for different brands. These brands have their special primary colours, typography, rounded corners, and other css styles.

Please share your ideas)

What’s the difficulty here? Create your own design system, then duplicate the file, change it, and you’ve got a new design system.

Thanks for your opinion)
But this solution doesn’t have backward compatibility.
If you add a new component to the first design system, it won’t appear in the duplicated system.


Thanks for clarifying, now I understand the problem. Yeah, unfortunately this is not something that can be easily achieved in Figma. I don’t think it’s even possible at all. Of course you can always wrap your components in a different file into new components, but this will create unnecessary layers and it won’t be possible to add new components automatically.

Feel free to explain your problem and suggest a feature that would enable this in a new topic in #product-ideas.

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Perhaps look this video :

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Hey Gleb,
Could you go into wrapping components (or wrapper components)? What is means, how to do it, etc. Appreciate any insights/resources. Thanks!

By wrapping components I mean create a base component, then create its instance and put this base instance into another component. This way you can edit the style of the instance in the new component but still get changes from the base component if any. This is described here a bit more: Creating and organizing Variants Hope this helps!