Is there a way to remove the Leaving Figma External Link Warning in Prototype?

@Doug_Wickham can you share a screen recording by chance? Feel free to DM if that’s easier

Thanks for the detailed information. For my part, I can confirm that this doesn’t appear in the browser (tested Chrome on Windows/Android) and Figma Mobile App. The intermediate screen only appears when you navigate from the Figma Desktop App, which is not critical.

If you have signed in to your Figma account.

But this still happens from a mobile browser, correct? So it’s still an issue in doing user research/testing.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I made a mistake while testing (stayed logged in).

So users who don’t have a Figma account (or opened the prototype in incognito mode) still see this screen.

I’m still seeing this intersitial screen as well. When sharing a link to a prototype from the browser, and opening in the browser (logged out user, incognito, etc.) the screen still shows.

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Hey @Henry_Busch1,

Are you logged in or out?

As mentioned, you need to be logged in to ensure it doesn’t appear. It is expected for anyone without an account or anyone not logged in to still see the interstitial.

I am logged in, but I’m thinking about when we are sharing prototypes with usability testers, who won’t ever need an account with Figma. This interstitial screen can really skew the genuine reaction we would get from testers when they land on an external link.

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Hi Josh, my embed still shows the interstitial upon clicking on the links. Is there something that needs to be toggled for this to work? Thanks

I think embeds might be a little different here, but I’ll pass this feedback so the team can take a closer look

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Yeah, I would like to see a change to this. I am using a Figma prototype for my portfolio and this message is an extra step for them possibly preventing them from wanting to check out my work.

My team would also love to see this changed. We use links from Figma to live webpages in user testing. Our user testing participants are not logged in, and the interstitial screen is confusing for them.

Same here: As long as this issue exists it’s not feasible to use a Figma Prototype for user testings with external links. Any chance this will soon be changed or is there a workaround?

It really is a shame that this has not been resolved. It breaks the user testing process, and anyone using figma should be user testing. :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: