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Is there a way to increase font size in FigJam?

All I’m seeing is the options for Normal, Heading, Subheading and Title. For a really big board / activity, is there any way to increase the font size?


You can copy and paste text from Figma design files to get larger sizes. It displays as custom in the FigJam type size selectors. It’s a hack but works when you need readable copy at zoomed out scales

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I think the hack mention is the only option beyond the 4 type sizes provided.

My two biggest complaints about Figjam are this (limited font size control) and no ability to adjust line weight beyond thin/thick. Color isn’t as a big a deal, but that’s limited too.


Hope this gets sorted soon. Its a bit of a deal breaker for me.


+1 for this improvement


I too would love to see user configurable text sizes (or let an admin define them in a shared style library)

This is really needed, up voting, it makes Figjam really unusable.

I assume all of us need such a natural need as per text.

I cannot use FigJam bc of this. I will use Mural every time bc the text sizes don’t need adjusting every single time I type anything. The default font size is much too small. I want a way to change defaults.

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Just bumping this as a great idea :^)


+1 for this, really want this improvement!