Is there a way to have a prototype Flow Start point be halfway down the "page" i.e. main frame?

Hi! I am using Maze for unmoderated studies, in case that’s useful and yields a better approach for what Im trying to do.

Is there a way to have a Flow Start point be a particular “section of a page” (i.e. a frame further down in the viewport in the figma prototype)? I’m trying to test something in a below-the-fold lower priority section on a pretty lengthy webpage. I don’t want to limit the prototype to only that section, as I am curious to know if users get distracted by other content on the page around the section in question.

I’m not really experienced with Maze.

But you can put your Design in a frame with the hight of your screen minus a little ~200 px and align the required section within the frame, add vertical scrolling to the otter frame and this should do the trick.

The only downside for this approach is it might be weird on different screens.

Another way is to add a scroll to section animation on mouse enter for the top most section and make the transition time very short.

I’m sorry I’m unable to provide a screenshots explaining the two approaches since I’m using my phone.