Is there a way to disable rotation/scale cursors?

I find that a lot of times when selecting many elements in Figma that are very close to each other, the rotation cursors always get in the way. It forces you to have to zoom in unneccessarily close all the time.

Is there some way or a plugin that has some sort of selection cursor. I only want to be able to select and not scale or rotate.

Oh, and also hide that grid icon overlay, because that also means you can never select something small if it is in the bottom right corner of the selection.

It would be so much quicker to select many things.

Right now I am using this grid of 80 x 80 small squares, a bit like the windows Icon editor, where you edit individual pixels and it’s just such a pain to always have to zoom in, when the zoom would be totally sufficient to select things, but those automatic cursors make it you can’t select a box right next to another one.

Lastly, I think a dedicated “Selection” mode would help in that you cannot currently drag a selection rectangle from on top of any element. You always have to find some “free space” to start the selection rectangle. Again, when you have lots of small elements next to each other, that can be a problem.

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