Is there a way to copy image adjustments like contrast, exposure, highlights without copying the image fill itself?

I would like to copy an image adjustment’s values like saturation, exposure… to paste into another image, is this possible?


I want ask this question too!

Hello guys,

Yes it is possible :slight_smile:

  1. Select the image(s) with the properties you want to change
  2. Select the image with the properties you want to change to
  3. press the “+” under fill
  4. Voila!

Here I have first selected the two normal google images(logo3,logo4) and after selected the one with low saturation (logo2)

After the images properties are “synchronized” you are able to adjust them all when selecting multiple with same properties

Hope it helped you,
br /Jan

Sorry, but this is not a solution for the challenge i have, i guess :slight_smile: I appreciate the effort tho :wink:

It seems to work for you because you have 3 Google logos. Try it with 3 different logos

The Challenge is that I have 4 different Images. One of the images has images adjustments like saturation and exposure. And I want to copy those adjustments to the other images WITHOUT changing the fill-image.

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Ahh yes, I see what you mean @Pascal4 .
In that case I don’t have a way to do it :frowning: , I wonder if there might be a plugin that can do this…?

Still searching for a solution too! Couldn’t find a plugin for this

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This would be very helpful when using temporary stock images for image-heavy projects

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I want to know too. It is useful to be able to process many images at the same time.

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Hello guys!
We had the same problem so we decided to create a plugin to address it:

Feedback appreciated.
It’s not currently possible to select multiple images and paste the properties to all of them at once but it’s something we’d like to do in the next version.


Don’t know if this feature existed when you first posted but for that issue I used: copy-paste as/copy properties or ctrl+alt+c / ctrl+alt+v. It works on multiple images to

@Lucian_Sora That doesn’t solve the issue. Yes, you can copy all properties, but that includes the image itself. If you want to copy only the adjustments, there’s no way to do it using a native Figma functionality.

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You cannot copy paste the image properties like contrast, exposure, etc… to another image in figma unless it is the same image.

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@AddWeb_Solution Hey. Are you referring to the plugin? With that plugin, it’s now possible. Let me know if you have any problems using it.

Thank you!

Great job, does exactly what’s needed – thanks

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I’m looking for something that also allows the copying of strokes etc. This plugin only allows for image effects/filters, not actual styles. Very strange that this feature doesn’t exist still.

A quick search and I found this -