Is there a way to align individual items inside an autolayout?

Hey, guys!

I created this card (left) using autolayout and then duplicate to make the other one (right).
But, as you can see, the right one has a bigger title than the left one. But i want all the items to be align from the top (if this make sense) and i cannot find a way to do so.

Can i have some help here, please??
Thanks in advance!

(i also accept suggestions to improve the layout if there is no way to do what i want to do)

You can set the textbox of the title to a fixed size (height/width). But why would you use auto layout for this if you * don’t * want elements to resize? In this case, it would make sense (at least for me) to make a regular frame and pin the title to the top left, make an autolayout of the list, pinned top left as well, and the link in the bottom pinned bottom left…

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Hey, Jessie!

Thanks for the reply!
Yes, as i read your comment, i realized that my approach was a bit wrong (i mean, using autolayout for this, wasn’t the best way… :face_with_spiral_eyes:). It makes more sense now! Haha!

Again, thanks for the help! :metal:

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