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Is there a way to add an element to instance of a component used in a different file

I have a file for design components and it has a card element with 2 buttons in it. Recently, I came across a case where I needed 3 buttons in that card. Now I don’t want to increase the number of buttons in the parent file as this is a one-off case. However, I cannot add anything to the instance of the card element in the file I’m working in without detaching it from the original.

I’ve faced the same need across multiple elements and couldn’t find a way to do it. Need help.

There is no way to do it.

The little hack would be to access the main component, put the element in it and hide it. This way you can make it visible in the instance where you need it.

That’s a good way. However, is there no other way to this issue? Maybe a plugin?

I don’t think so

Not really.

Any component or variant asumes that you have all the elements there for the needed build of such component, so if you don’t have a thid button, you need to break teh component to add one or, as Steven said, go back and add the neede components to the master o variant.

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