Is there a way to add 2 click on a component?

I have a navigation bar that will have a overlay of a drop down menu “on tap”. And I want to to be able to have the navigation bar be clickable “on tap” and lead to another landing page. So two pathways essentially. Is there a way to do this?

Yes, this is possible with variants with clipping disabled. One version is just the navigation bar, the second is the navigation bar with the drop down. You would just need to put a hotspot tapping area (e.g. an icon) on that navigation bar that triggers the drop down.

Here’s an example that you can duplicate to your drafts, that I believe matches your use case. Hope this helps:

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Thank you, I will try it out.

I was just about to create a topic asking this same question, and your solution was exactly what I needed! Thank you.

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