Is there a way I could see emails of users who have installed my plugin?

Just launched my very first plugin and many users have installed it. I want to send them an appreciation email. Hence, is there a way I can see their emails???

The Plugin API does not provide user emails. I also replied here: How to get Figma user email?.

I understand that completely. But, my question is the same as this: Figma

This is what I can see in my “Community” page and clicking on the notification icon:

So, is there any way I can get the email addresses of these users?

No and no again. You cannot receive emails of users who have installed/liked your plugins/widgets because

You also cannot get a list of users who have installed/liked your plugins/widgets. You can only get what Figma allows you through the Plugin API or REST API.

And Community notifications uses an internal API for the needs of Figma itself.

Thanks for the info, always appreciated!