Is there a `findAll` for parents?

Instead of looking down the node tree with findAll I’m trying to look up to see if any parent’s parents have a certain name. Is there an existing way to do that?

There isn’t a convenience method in the API for that AFAIK, but you can get the parent of a node (if it exists) and then the parent of that node (again, if it exists) to check its name. Sort of a kludgy recursion function but you could write it that way.

Thanks, yes, I figured that’d be the only way. This is what I threw together, seems to be working the way I wanted:

const parentNameIncludes = (node, string) => {
  if (node.type === 'PAGE') {
    return false;
  if ( {
    return true;
  } else {
    parentNameIncludes(node.parent, string);
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