Is the Figma Hand font hosted or licensed to be used as a web font?

I am currently developing the UI for a web project and am interested in using the Figma Hand font provided by Figma. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate any information on how to use it as a web font. Does someone know whether the font is hosted or licensed for web usage?

I don’t think it can be used outside of Figma/FigJam. Please note the trademark and license description for this font:

Figma Hand is a trademark of OH no Type Company, LLC.

This font software is property of OH no Type Company, LLC. By downloading and/or installing, copying, or using this Font Software, you agree the terms of our End-User License Agreement. You can find a copy of the Agreement online at:

But the best way is to contact Figma and OH no Type Company support.

Here is Figma’s official response:

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Thanks for helping me to find this! It sucks but at least now I know that we need to use something different