Is the figma desktop app no longer available offline?

I am in an environment where the Internet is not working. I want to use the Figma desktop app offline. However, the file cannot be opened.

Is the Figma desktop app not allowed to open .fig files offline?
Also, if offline work is not possible
Is there another way to open a .fig file and work on it?

Reading from this link, it appears that there are some features available offline. However, my desktop app displays an error message as soon as it opens, and none of the features are available. What is the problem?

Unfortunately, in order to use a file offline you’ll first need to have it open while connected to the internet.

In the help doc you linked, we outline this here:

Not available offline

  • Access or browse the Figma file browser.
  • Create new files, or open files that you don’t already have open.
  • Receive updates from other collaborators on files you have open.
  • Search for components from libraries or insert instances from a library.
  • Install new plugins, or run plugins that require external browser APIs.
  • View a file’s version history, or create new versions to save your changes to Figma.
  • Use any multiplayer features, like seeing who is active in the file, observation mode, and multiplayer cursors.

Thank you for your reply!!
But there is one more question.

So when does the “Available offline” in the link above mean? Are you talking about an unpredictable emergency like losing the internet while using it online?

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