Is styles being deprecated or am I seeing a bug with Style Fills?

I continue to use styles with a sole purpose of image fills and gradients since this is not applicable to variables and truly does not make sense to move to, these fills are for easy access to a gallery of images for our designers to choose from without having to open another application like Unsplash.

Only problem/bug I am facing is not being able to see the image fill in the styles dropdown or even the local styles panel when they are created and published. Thus making it hard for our designers to know what they are choosing. Has this occurred to anyone else in the last update? Today, I updated to version 116.13.3 and am seeing the issue.


Hi @Courtney_True I’ve checked a file on my end but styles are loading from a library when checked from the desktop app 116.13.3. Are you only seeing this in the desktop app or it happens in the browser as well? Is this happening across al of your files? Can you check from another network such as a mobile hotspot and see if this helps improve anything?

If that doesnt help, mind reaching out to the support team directly via this form for help: and inculde a link to both the file and library and s hare it with so they can take a closer look.

Looks perfectly fine in the browser, so I am only having trouble via the app.