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Is it possible to use opacity / alpha as a style?

I love the control FIGMA gives me with the ability to apply color styles across different elements like text, fills, strokes etc. and am wondering if there is a way to do the same with opacity.

I know I am able to apply opacity to colors and save them as a style, however, I’m wondering if it is possible to create opacity itself as a style?

To be more specific - if I wanted to make a simple input field look disabled, I would currently use multiple disabled styles to achieve this. (For example, apply a disabled fill style, disabled border style and disabled text style as applicable) It would be great if I could just go in and apply a single disabled style that makes the component say 45% opaque. That way, I could apply a uniform disabled style across all disabled components without creating a disabled style for each color (or endup with different levels of opacity if I’m lazy and depending on my frame of mind :sweat_smile: ).

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There is currently no layer style in Figma, but you can create a suggestion on the forum in the #product-feedback category so people could vote for it