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Is it possible to overrule the font styles from the library to a current file which also have text styles?

I’m building a design with figma. I’ve got a ‘master’ document which contains al basics (styles, components, typography, etc).
Working on a ‘child’ projects, which has the ‘master’ template included using the ‘Libraries’ tab → ‘Used in this file’ checked.

But the child project has it’s own typography etc. When i’m using components from the master document, it’s still using the master document’s typography instead of using the child’s one.

Is it possible to just use the components of the master template, but use the typography etc of the child document?

Yes this should be possible! There’s many things you can change about a component instance without detaching from the main component, and typography is one of them. You should be able to change the type style of any text from the master template you want to use.

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