Is it possible to have an overlay behind the fixed

Hello all, i am new to Figma and hoped someone could help me with a question I have. I am currently mocking up an app and wondered if it was possible to have an overlay which sits on top of the frame but behind the fixed header i have set. At the moment on scroll it moves on top of the fixed header but I would like it to go behind it.

Cheers for any help

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Place it below the Header in layers panel

I have been wondering this too, its not possible to do this with the layers panel because its an overlay (using the prototype interaction) it doesn’t show up in the layers panel. I’ve had this problem many times and still cant figure out a work around! :frowning:


Same here. There is no way to set an overlayed object to a layer behind the Flexed section.
So if you scroll and overlay it, it will appear before the header, which is weird. I would like to know how to solve this problem.


Anyone fix the issue yet or is there any way to do so?

I also need a way to specify that the overlay sits beneath fixed elements.
Currently I’m trying to prototype a mega menu that reveals itself below the navigation bar.

Same. It seems like such an obvious thing.

That won’t solve the issue. The overlay object is not part of the same frame. So you cannot control its order to be behind the fixed element.

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Having the same issue. any solution yet? The solution suggested above does not work

I would like to have this too

With variables now being a thing there is a an alternative way to achieve overlays. You can add the overlays inside the page and bind it’s visibly to a boolean variable.

Quick example:

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