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Is it possible to drag and drop to reorder something?

Hi Figma members!

Im new here to the Figma world and have been loving working with this amazing tool these past months.

Im playing around with a couple of ideas and so far figma has been wonderful to work with, but there is one thing in particular that i can’t get my head around. Let’s say im trying to reorder a list of favourite songs (top 10) from top to bottom. Is there somehow a way to drag and drop something within a frame? For example; song number one in my opinion should now be placed in 3rd place, drag that song to 3rd place and move up the other songs so song number 2 becomes song number one etc? Or should i somehow try to do this in another kind of way? (I don’t really know any other way to do this :P)

I would love for you members to help me out with this and all suggestions are helpful :slight_smile:

Yes, you can move it. Watch this video:

If your list is based on Auto Layout, then select the desired item in this list and move it with the mouse or the arrow keys to the desired location.

Hi tank666, i think i wasn’t clear enough, my bad :stuck_out_tongue: The video is showing exactly what i want to do but i want to do this while in present/prototype mode.
Maybe the video will show you better what i mean. You can see that when i place A in front of number 2 and want to swap A with B, i need to put A back in it’s original state and then i can go ahead and move B.

This sounds like something that requires interactive components. Since it’s still in beta, you can have more details about it and subscribe here.