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Is it possible to copy and paste a prototype?

Hi Guys,

I have been working in a file that is becoming to large, so the decision has been made to move some of the content of the pages into their own files.

This is not a problem when simply copying and pasting content, however the issue arises when I attempt to copy prototypes that have been created.

When I do this, the content is copied, but around 70-90% of the prototype links are lost.

Is there a method to tackle this issue?



Some ideas:

  1. Rather than copy and paste content, can you duplicate the file and delete the pages you no longer need

  2. Before you copy and paste, make sure your right panel is set to “Prototype” instead of “Design”

Hopefully either/both help you out.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply.

Unfortunately, even with the right panel set to Prototype I still receive the same issue.

In relation to duplicating the file, this does work, however, the master components which are located on the main page of the file are also duplicated as well. This then leaves me with the issue that the instances used for the prototypes on seperate files are not linked to the original master components, instead they are still linked to these duplicated components :confused:

Update: On closer inspection, the prototype links which are lost are those which are connected to elements within frames.

The only prototype links that appear to be retained are those which are set to ‘on-click’.

This is exactly why copy-pasting isn’t working. When copy-pasting, it doesn’t carry over the components, it creates instances, so the connections in them are lost. And when duplicating the file everything is working correctly since the components are duplicated so the connections are preserved. You can’t keep the connections via the library, you need to have components in the file with the prototype.

Thanks for the reply Gleb. That makes sense. So essentially, as of yet there isn’t a way to duplicate or a copy a prototype without either, creating duplicate master components, or losing your prototype links?

That is correct.