Irregular (non-rectangular) shaped Frames > Component

I recently wanted to make flow chart element components to be reused and add them to my design system so I can re use them throughout my files.

They should naturally have different shapes - circles, parallelograms, and other polygons - and i’d like them to work with autolayout, to resize them and keep consistency.

Is it even possible to create components that are not based on rectangles, as in frame > autolayout > component?

Thank you

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Yes, of course, you can create components of any shape. Duplicate this file to see some examples:


Hi Tank. It’s really cool that this is possible, but does it need to be so hacky? There’s literally no chance one could imagine how this is supposed to be done with the current interface. Could this be properly implemented in future versions? Thank you!

Is it important for you to use Figma for flowcharts? Why not use FigJam for this?

Hey Gabriel, if your goal is to have the outer-most frames take shapes that are not square/rectangles that specifically isn’t possible. Frames must be rectangles, and auto-layout can only be applied to frames.

That being said, and as @tank666 said too, a set of flowchart components that use auto-layout is totally feasible! In addition to the file tank666 shared (really good one btw, lots of good tricks to learn from that file), these are some additional community files about flow you may want to take inspiration from regarding flowcharts specifically: