IP Whitelist

Good afternoon.

We seem to have a cllective team problem with accessing Figma in terms of projects (even when light) taking an age to load and sometimes not at all.

Additional info…

  • When we try to open any files, it hangs with a loading wheel and this happens with everyone using the software.
  • This happens when we use the desktop app too.
  • The same happens when working from home using the VPN.
  • When we disconnect from the VPN at home, no-one has any issues and can load the files with ease.
  • When we disconnect from the VPN in the office, the issue still persists.

As a result, we assume that some rules would need to be made, to allow exceptions for certain IPs. We can’t find anything related to this in Support or on the website, so I wanted to see if anyone can advise.

Thanks in advance.

@Stephen_Meehan sorry if this has been disrupting your team’s workflow.

It sounds like there may be a mix of VPN issues along with some sort of network issue within your office space causing the slowness.

Have you been in touch with your IT to see if they can review any possible network issues? They may be able to help address loading issues when you’re in the office. I’m thinking there may be some security settings set up on the company’s end that’s contributing to this.

Focusing on VPN issues, we frequently see this. If turning off the VPN while WFH is not an option, please have your IT allow-list all resources loaded from www.figma.com. If that’s not possible, then we recommend, at the minimum allowing:

^^ If that doesn’t seem to help, let me know.