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Invoice details change - Proffesional Plan


I want to change company details in invoice for our team. I know where I can change payment details, but how I can change company name in invoice?


Regarding payment issues please reach out to Figma support team via the support request form or

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m waiting for answer from support 7 days now. :frowning:

For some weird reason Figma have set the team name that you’ve ordered the pro plan for to be the name of your invoice recipient. If you want your pro plan invoice to be adressed to another company name, you need to change your team’s name.

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Hei Milosz. Did you get an answer on this topic? I’m also waiting for the support team to get back with a solution for this.

Its clear that when therere inaccuracies in the mandatory details it`s even more difficult for taxpayers to prove their right to a deduction for “input” tax.