"Invalid Instances" discoverability is bad - Improve the experience

I wasn’t able to understand why my critical component didn’t publish. When I decided to look into the problem I discovered Figma:

  1. Doesnt allow you to Publish things with unused instances anymore
  • I have a futureproof instances I can use when needed. Why cant they just hang around?
  1. Has a very bad UI/UX for telling user about it.
  • First of all why show this, if it can’t be published:

  • Second of all why Invalid instances look like a header here (and why collapsed by default???)

  • Why can’t it at least expand if I try to publish bad component?

@v_kosianchuk I hear you – I don’t have any info I can offer that would address these concerns directly at this time, but I wanted to let you know that I adjusted your topic title a bit so that it fit within the ‘share an idea’ category (and others can vote on it)