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Introductions 👋🏽

Introduce yourself as a Figma Educator. Where are you located, where do you teach? what do you teach? Are you new to Figma, or a seasoned Pro?

Hey there! :wave:

  • Southern California :ocean: :sunny:

  • Former middle school science and digital media teacher

  • Currently a Learning Experience Designer for K12 products

  • :point_right: Preparing for a high school design elective course this summer (and welcome the insights of this group)

  • Still newer to Figma in the classroom and hoping to learn from you all!

  • Additionally, I really enjoy facilitating conversations on EdTech and product design on the podcast UX of EdTech. :headphones:

Any other K12 teachers out there? :nerd_face:


Hey Everyone!

  • Also from Southern California born and raised.
  • Always been an artist and felt that art school was for me. Graduated as the “web design guy” and 2 years later was asked to teach the web design class. So 5+ years at the Laguna College of Art + Design. It’s been a great switching to Figma for our class the last couple semesters.
  • Currently the Creative Director at a small web design agency focused on higher ed. We use Figma there for our designs as well, so I’d put myself in some kind of intermediate level, not a pro but can hold my own pretty well.

Excited to continue the conversations we were having on Slack here!


Hey Everyone! :wave:t4:
I’m Miguel Cardona, but you can call me Miggi! I am a Designer Advocate for Education at Figma Design. My role at Figma is to help bring Figma to more classrooms and help Educators become more familiar with the platform and the unlimited potential of its collaborative features. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to know more!

I was most recently an Assistant Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology :tiger2: College of Art and Design teaching in the New Media Design program focusing on Interaction Design Classes and UX.

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Hey everyone :wave: Really excited about this forum.

My name is Michael Riddering (but most people just call me Ridd). I’m currently a design advisor at where I mentor quite a few students (we’re also transitioning to more of a cohort model soon). Moving forward I’m also rolling out a big update to to position it as more of a learning community. The vision is to build out more of a curriculum all inside of a Figma organization :slight_smile:

Exciting times! Can’t wait to see the scale of impact Figma has on the larger design education space :+1:

Let’s be friends on the Twitter bird —

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Hi everyone !

@mrstev3n on Twitter, I speak French as my main language, but I also do well in English.

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Hey everyone! :wave:

I’m Samuel Hermoso, a product designer and UX-UI teacher.

  • Madrid - Spain :es:
  • Elastic Heads cofounder & UX-UI teacher at Universidad Europea, Northcamp School, Ironhack and Doméstika
  • I have been teaching UX and design tools for many years. 2 years ago I was teaching Sketch, Invision, Principle, Abstract, but now teaching Figma. I’ve recorded a Sketch online course in Doméstika and currently recording Figma’s.
  • I’ve been using Figma for 3 years and trying to improve my prototyping skills to the highest level with the interactive components with variants new feature :raised_hands:
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Hi everyone.

I’m a highschool digital media/photography teacher in Toronto. Just started using Figma a few months ago but it is becoming one of my favourite tools. It’s kind of replacing Illustrator as my vector editor because it’s so much more user friendly for the students. Looking forward to learning some new stuff!

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