👋 Introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m figmatic. I’m a designer in San diego, California.

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Olá sou Renato Rosas sou biomedico, artista e ativista na amazônia na cidade de Belém no Estado do Pará

Hey guys! :call_me_hand:

I’m Lucas Rocha, Brazilian product designer since 2015

Today I’m a Senior Product Designer at Hi Platform and I’ve already taken on Lead positions in places like the giant Quinto Andar :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I started my professional development and tips page a little while ago on Instagram. There I am @pontesrocha.com.br :tada:

I’m coming back to work after an episode of burnout and deep depression :face_in_clouds:

In the meantime, I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn

It’s a pleasure to meet you!! :purple_heart:

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Hallo i am new :grinning:

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Greetings everyone, it’s great to be a part of this fantastic community. I’m a UX student with a background in frontend web development and visual design, originally from Liberia but currently based in Minneapolis. As a Figma newbie, I’m eager to explore the possibilities of this amazing tool and expand my design skills. I’m excited to learn from and collaborate with all of you in this community!

I’d love to connect on LinkedIn and Twitter


Hey guys!

I’m Ridho Aliga, currently i’m working as UI/UX Designer from Indonesia.
I really enjoy using Figma to designing UI Design and prototyping. Wanted to learn and explore the design community with you all.

Have a good day :coffee:


Hey y’all!

My name is Steven Tran and I’m a full stack engineer based in San Diego, California.

I currently work at Tiled and am the creator of the Tiled plugin. I find enjoyment in creating cool plugins and hope to be involved in the community as it pertains to plugins and the Figma API.


Hey everyone.

I’m Beth and I’m currently in my third year of university studying Graphic Design but of course, my specialism is UX Design. I have previously used Adobe XD but recently have started using Figma for prototypes, just for experimentation really. But I have found Figma has a lot of cool things that XD doesn’t. The team working aspect is a massive one, I found it super cool and I was able to show my wireframes and see how others were interacting with them, etc. Oh and I’m from the Uk lol. Always willing to connect on LinkedIn :slight_smile: :blush:


Hi, I’m stephane, web developer building figma plugins for 6months now

I like automating stuff on figma so if you have annoying time consumings problems, I’d be glad to help to get more experience :slight_smile:
I am currently building Figgy, a plugin to convert figma designs to websites.


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is José Amaya :technologist:t4: , and it is a great pleasure to meet you. I am a software developer and designer located in a very remote area of Panama :palm_tree: :deciduous_tree: . It is an honor to coincide with such brilliant individuals during this time and on this forum, where, despite being far away from everything, I can learn from exceptional people.

Let us continue to do great work for future generations."


Hello Discu_Lu. I am a new user in Canada (working on a Googhle skills certificate). I am not sure if I can ask you a question directly or if you can suggest someone who may be able to help (feel free to answer during business hours, not now). I think I clicked something by accident. My screen (in figma design) went black and the letters now look like bubble letters and some of the tabs (outline of tabs) now show. I tried command z with no luck. I tried looking back at file history but all of my older files now look like this. I changed the theme background to white but the other things did not change. Any Guess on what happened? Thanks, Ani

Sounds like you’re in outline mode! Press SHIFT O to escape

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That was the trick! I would never have figured that one out!!! I really appreciate the help! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!!

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Hy everybody, I’m Orsolya from Hungary. I’m a content writer. I just want to learn Figma for make my web page. I have already an account for personal use. How can I change it and have an account “take a class”, please? Thank you in advance for the answers. Have a nice day! Orsi

Hello everyone, my name is Marina and I am a beginner web designer from Ukraine. I am looking for a professional mentor who will share my experience with the work of Figma and teach how to earn money with him.

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Hello! I am Tom, a UI Designer who also enjoys to code.
I love to bridge the gap between design and code and I am the creator of
AutoHTML, a plugin that converts figma designs into basic html or react/vue components.


Hey!!! :smiley:
Good to see you, are you reading me?

I am Shawon!
Designing impactful experiences with inclusive visuals.
I believe good design will lead us to a better tomorrow
beyond all odds.
I am trying to make designs more human and soulful.

Currently creating solutions for Ollyo
:wave: You can say hello to my LinkedIn

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Hi there,
I am Alex, I am originally from Romania but living in beautiful Italy for more than 2 years.
I am completely new in using Figma and I have to admit the learning curve is (at least for me) pretty abrupt.
Cheers !

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Hi, I’m from California and I am a Software Engineering student and learning React and MUI with Figma to do freelance web development for my friends and whoever wants a website for their business.

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Hello, I am Matija (pronounced like Mattia). :wave:t2:

I am a brand & web designer and I am leading a design studio named debuk studio.
I am from Belgrade, Serbia :serbia:. I am meeting designers all around the globe.
Follow me on Instagram @debukstudio, and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn

Looking forward to connecting with you!

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