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hello people, I am @femiessien on Twitter and everywhere else.an amateur designer and learning with @Figma, I hope to grow in this community and become a better version of myself. thank you

Hello, I am Chuan. Currently I am using Figma to deliver vocational education program for 70 students in China. Students are motivated and learning can be fun for the first time. Looking forward to learning more tips from this community. Cheer. :grinning:

hi, please answer the question. What user ranks and their restrictions are used on the forum?

Hii guys !!

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Hi all,

TrungTin here. I’m working on a design to code Figma plugin. Telior - Developer Assistant (HTML, React, Flutter, Swift) | Figma Community. Do try it out and let me know your ideas/feedbacks

HMU on twitter @TTrungTin

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Hi, I’m Monir khan from Bangladesh. i’m interested to make ui design with figma.

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My name is Atik, based in Helsinki, Finland. I am known for transforming ideas into a visualization to build intuitive human-centered digital world. It starts from understanding what the user needs and ideating an innovative solution for users. Besides, being a designer I am also known as an engineer to implements front-end. I prefer to live in a world where design & tech speak together :).

Aside from design, I play cricket, badminton, and travels to discover the beautiful world.

More on https://uxatik.com/


Hi, my name is Daniel and I’m a Product Designer.

I have 6+ years of professional experience in the design space. My main focus lies around building fascinating user experiences alongside clean and quality user interfaces for digital products. I have a clear understanding of how designs work and how users interact with them.

Feels great to be a part of the community.


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Hi everyone :wave:t2:
My name is Anand and for the past 6 years I’ve dedicated my life to learning and getting to know everything about graphics and UI/UX design. and i made lots of free and premium products like figma ui kits, sketch ui kits and much more that you can check in my dribble profile and i will share my project also.

Community profile: https://www.figma.com/@ananddesigner
Dribbble profile: Anand 😎 | Dribbble
Website: https://www.themeselection.com/

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Hello, I’m Jack, a retired Silicon valley engineer. I wish that I had this product back in the days when I was leading design teams. I did most of the things covered in this app, but they were all manual, involved many diverse and separate resources, had to be done in meeting rooms and required lots of time to update. Remote participation was out of the question. This app makes it very simple.

I am interested in how this app is being used to address the needs of the autistic community, which have problems with planning, organizing and sequencing. This community could use a visual approach to managing their issues.


My name is Andrea and I’m an SAP developer for many years - no need to enter dates here so people might guess my age :rofl: Joking, I just don’t remember when I started. I have ALWAYS enjoyed design, even in a system as strict as SAP I always found a way to make things look better and easier for the user. So now it’s the time to learn and I’m eager to start.

Hello everybody my name is shaheryar abid and I am from Pakistan I am a student at Microverse and I want to know how to Figma

Hello dudes :raised_back_of_hand:. Im a Designer from Moscow. For the past 8 years I’ve a create 184 web projects in Figma. Now getting to know about UX researhs and rapid prototyping in Figma.

Site: https://buharev.com/

Hello all , My name is Mike Henry , I live in Cape Town thats near the bottom of Africa. i am an older guy have built many houses . I am fairly new to developing on the net can work around a bit in Html ,Css , Bootstrap and seriously trying to get into Java script,

Congrads and thanks to the Figma team and members. Figma is like a breath of fresh air , right attitude , and ticking a lot of boxes,