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👋 Introduce yourself!

Hi everyone, I’m Clu from Malaysia, Community Advocate at Guangzhou, China. Currently based at China as well, currently working as Product Design in Tech. You can reach me on @designedbyclu at Twitter, or check out my minimalist photograph on Unsplash. I am a Coffee Person, so i open a cafe at my home town Kuala Lumpur.

Feel free to talk with me about minimalist, design or coffee are welcome.


Howdy! :wave:

I’m Alex - you might recognize me from the Friends of Figma Slack community and around the internet (I’m @aalexdee on twitter )

When I’m not here I’m usually playing video games, hanging out with my dog Cece or helping teams get set up on Figma. Feel free to message me any time if you have any questions or just to say hello!

:peace_symbol: :sparkling_heart:


Hi, Im Glen Lipka. I’ve been designing software since 1995. Currently, Im in the Bay Area in California. I’ve been a Figma user for over 3 years. Blog:

I mentor young designers as well as do some public speaking on design and product development. I am not hiring at the moment, but I am often building design teams for new tech startups.


Hi everyone :wave: ! I’m Dylan, or @dylanmahler everywhere else on the web. I’m a Friends of Figma Community Advocate for Omaha, NE, and currently the Director of Product Design at Orion Advisor Solutions.

I live in Omaha, NE and when I’m not designing, I’m playing with my doggo, Sven, or playing Pokémon! I love learning about world culture and have a knack for learning languages. I’m always trying to improve my Japanese, so looking forward to connecting with some native speakers!

Feel free to check out my Figma Community profile!



Hey folks, I’m Steve, currently a Product Design Lead at Onfido in the UK. Been designing professionally for nearly 20 years, using Figma for two of them. Deep into design systems and process improvements. Active on Slack and Twitter (@subcide). Nice to be here :slight_smile:


Wooot! I’m @plhnk on twitter and most places — working, one of the early Figma team (moved over in 2017)! Great to be here.


What’s up! I’m Riley Sykes, a product designer at The New York Times, a Figma fan and an active member of the FoF Slack community. I can be found posting random thoughts mostly about design and video games as @RileyPsyches on Twitter. You can also find me on the Figma Community as @nyt_riley.

I’m so stoked to see this forum come into being. Another huge improvement in the Figma experience.


Hey :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Chudo. I’m a designer in San Jose, California. You may know me from the double 180° hack or the resizable auto layout spacer :grimacing:. I also speak Japanese and hope to live there some day.

Find me on the Friends of Figma Slack community or @chudoloo on the Figma Community.


Hey everyone, I’m Mattan Ingram, solo product designer at

I’m a design tool nerd, and love HTML and CSS. Currently working on a side-project with my brother which is an open-source CSS animation toolkit called AnimXYZ.

Always happy to answer any product design or development questions. Looking forward to discussing Figma stuff with this great community!


:wave:t4: Hey


Hey there! :wave:

Alex here, I design products by day and create helpful & inspiring community resources by night.

I spent 2020 helping Figma users to solve all sorts of problems. My specialty — simple & efficient solutions when possible, hacky (but cool :wink:) in other cases.

Can’t wait to see you all in this cozy space! :hugs:


Hey Everyone! I’m Alex Carr, VP of Creative at Maark in Boston and live up in Salem MA :ghost:. Mostly focused on the design of digital tools for the enterprise. I like screenprinting, I have too many design books, and I have two cats. They’re pretty great cats.

I also made the Contrast plugin for Figma. :mag: :heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart:


Hey Alex, welcome.

By the way, I use your plugin a lot, Thanks.


Hello everyone! I’m Jean, a product designer from Toronto :canada:, specializing in design systems.
I love the Figma community - it’s helped me shape my career!
So to give back, I made Figpie, a free Figma plugin that creates pie charts! Hope you like it :pie: :blush:

And feel free to connect with me - Here’s my website & socials.
I’d love to make new friends from Figma!


Oh, hello there stranger! It’s been a while, huh? We should catch up soon. :wave:


Hey there, Glen :wave: Yes, Glen is a Figma OG! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Wow, so many friendly faces and impressive bios!

:wave: My name is Jason and I oversee our Support and Product Education teams here at Figma. I joined as Figma’s first Support hire 4 years ago and now our teams are 25 people strong and growing. @Josh and @thudson have been working hard on this new forum and I’m excited to see it come into existence. :clap:

My wife and I (and our little :dog: Sam) recently bought a house and moved from SF → LA. In my spare time I like to noodle on my guitar, hike, bike, practice flying my new drone, read philosophy and check out new coffee shops.

Happy New Year everyone! :partying_face:


Thanks. Happy New year Jason


Thanks @Steven!