👋 Introduce yourself!

Hello guys,

I am Prabhat and I am an Interaction Designer from India.

Looking forward to read lot of new things and share explorations.

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Checking Figma out. Is “General Discussion” where one would want to ask questions or seek support from the community?

Hey @TheJMoore, great work on the Design Encyclopedia :+1:


Cheers, Jay! Thank you :slight_smile:

Greetings, Stay Home Stay Safe
This is Zoe new Here, Thank you for your warm welcome for joining Figma Community.
I will try my best to follow term and conditions from community.


hi everyone :wave:


Hi everyone, I’m Titus or @RFNco_ on Twitter.
I’m fulltime freelancer also working part time helping Freelancer.com team as UI/UX Designer. See you around! :dark_sunglasses:



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Hi all,

Lee here, you can find me @madebyfuse on Dribbble and Instagram.

Based in Hampshire England.

Absolutely loving Figma. Big XD fan but Figma has just smashed it, the community, the flexibility in how grids can be setup, only a week in with Figma but loving it and my workflow is definitely more efficient. Way to go Figma :smiley:



Hey Everyone, I’m Edin, I’m currently a designer at NAGA trading platform.

I’m from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I’m using Figma for a couple of years now, been trough the traditional route of Photoshop ten years ago, moved to Sketch a bit later, and then to Figma, never to look back. I’m also a long time expert amateur guitar player and a hobby music producer.

I’m here because I really miss the times of forums and talking with people with a goal of helping out or getting help too sometimes. Glad to be here, and hope we’ll have a great time!

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Hiii, everyone… im using figma for last 1year on my pc…no bugs but,
day before day im working on website design… suddenly prototype not working properly… when i open it automatically double the screen inside frame.
i uninstalled &reinstalled…but same issue…
i attached a screenshot of my prototype figma

Hello everyone, my name is rei, I am new here! Hope I can learn digital design and figma from everyone. Currenly I am a marketer who is passionate about UI & UX design and design. I believe that design is the key to beautify our environment, as well as better UX solution, can simplify the user experience.

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Hey everyone! :wave:

I’m Lucas Pires from Brazil :brazil:! Glide Apps Expert, UX/UI designer and Owner of my no-code agency AppLution.

Lover of design & tech, I’m learning and improving my skills to take my designs, logos, and visual identity to another level :rocket: hope learn even more with the community!

Instagram | Telegram Group

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Hi, I am Bojan Kocijan Senior UX/UI designer working remotely for digital.ai

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I am vikrant UX Ui designer. i was working as graphics designer, I am woking UX UI designer as a freelance . where can i scrub more knowledge about UI and UX. Human factor and ergonomics study and core UI. Reading some blogs and pages along for. share some good links for.

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Hello everyone, I’m Mounaime Fares. I am the ceo at Adletics advertising agency and I am a passionate web developr.

I live in Wiesbaden, Germany.
When I’m not working on Figma, you can find me at the gym lifting weights.

If you have any questions about UX / UI design, feel free to send me a PM.


Hello Everyone,

My name is DeVon, I’m looking to learn more about Figma, I have an Engineering background but I love design and looking to learn UX. Glad to be here!

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Hi, People Iam Jaswanth Padi " An 17 Year Old EntrePreneur, Who is Trying To Solve 3 Big Things In Life . 1: What To Do, 2: Whom To Be With, 3: Where To Live ! Let See How It Goes


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Hi, we are creating predictive eyetracking tool and we launch Figma plugin: Figma - Attention Insight |  See how your designs pe

With it, you could check, what objects in your design attract users attention. Let me know what do you think?:wink: