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Hello Figma community! :wave:t3: My name is Ben and I am a junior full stack Web Developer in Oregon, USA. I have focused more on back end development in the past, but have recently been hired to work on a full stack application that requires UI/UX design. I came across Figma while surfing my bookmarked dev channels on YouTube. I’m looking forward to learning more about Figma and UI/UX design. Also looking forward to learning lots from the Figma community.


hey, Folks!
i am Yash, UI/UX deisgner from india.
would like to learn new thing from you all!

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Hello, wonderful Figma people. Happy to be here, excited to learn from you all.

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hy im new here
and also kinda new to figma :blush:

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Hello awesome people ! I am vatsalay, From india.

Hi! I’m a teenage designer based in Indianapolis, IN. :wave:

My goal is to educate Indianapolis youth on the benefits of going into a graphic design career. I also do independent design for 3rd party companies.

I aspire to open a graphic design studio that hires high school and collage age teenagers and gives them a head-start in their career!

Fun Fact about Me

I’m fluent in Spanish, German, French, and know conversational Japanese and Mandarin. I know how to say hello in over 50 languages!