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👋 Introduce yourself!

Hi folks! I’m Carlos and I’m working at Genially since 6 years ago. I really love this Figma community.

Follow me in Figma - @carlux and check some the works I like to do on my free time and of course feel free giving me your feedback.

Also I like 3D design as well, check my Behance portfolio or my web.

Have a great day and peace!


Hello everyone :handshake:

Rusty here from the interwebz

I run a design agency namely sweet af

We make sweet as f*ck products :sunglasses:

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Hi, My name is Sohrab, I’m a newbie to design but enjoying myself


Hi everyone!

I’m Kelvin. I’m new to Figma. I’m starting out in learning UX design, seeing how I get on. So trying to get to grips with Figma first. An early question is, i’m unsure where are the best places that are compatible with Figma to import frames, I mean the ideas that can be used as templates to mess around with and create something else, if that makes sense??


Hi I’m Sean, UX/UI Designer in Boise, Idaho.

I’ve been designing for 20+ years and started blogging back in 1999. My work has taken me around many industries. I am in love with Figma as it makes my job so much easier in this ever changing landscape.


hello everybody around ,
I’m Brian Mubbala Brian from Uganda,
it’s really nice meeting and chatting with you
You are all great and i really like the impact you make unto people out there, really awesome

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Figma community has 1000+ of different objects and template to use

here is the link :

i started myself here and i’m already have gone a great progress

Hi, I’m Anthony. I’m a freelance web and graphic designer (Anthony Browne Creative) based in the UK. I’ve just started learning how to use Figma. So far, it looks great but I’d love for there to be a dark mode UI feature on the desktop app.

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Hi guys,

I’m Eddie from Accra, Ghana. Great to join the community, loving it already. Seeing tons of inspiration on the platform. I’m a beginner and still trying to find my bearings with the interface and how to start my first project.

I’m a trained journalist and looking to switch professions. Not sure if Figma is a good starting point but from the videos and tutorials already watched I’m confident learning the tool would be an added advantage to my skillset. I hope it would be a fruitful journey.

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Hey all!

I’m Liz, and I work for Thesis, a crypto venture studio. Based in Georgia in the US :us: I’m a UX/UI specialist & product designer for Keep, a privacy layer for the Ethereum blockchain. I switched to using Figma from Sketch about a year and a half ago. Really liking the new features that the Figma team has introduced since I started using it.

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Hello Everyone! I’m Malia, and I’m a student in Graphics Design atm! I want to go into UI design, which is primarily what I’ll be using figma for. Excited to be here!

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Hey awesome folks!

My name is Andrew Colclough, and I am a UI Designer and Developer at Arcoro. We are building a org-wide Svelte component library and design system, and recently began working to integrate Figma into our Design Tokens flow.

On the illustration front, most of my work has been with traditional mediums like ink and watercolor, but ever since we started kicking the tires of Figma for work, I have gotten hooked on what is possible with the tool.
I tested what could be pulled off with layer blending effects by attempting to recreate my first beloved video game: Moon Patrol (Atari 2600).

No exaggeration, the ease of pulling something like this off has me totally psyched out of my mind! So yeah, new to the show, but so happy to be on the train.

Miscellaneous artworks on Dribbble/adc
Personal site at:

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Hi . I am Judy Neu. I am a designer from NY. I am a digital designer and I enjoy designing for web as well as textiles for home and apparel.

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FILMon here joining the party from Columbus OH and loving Figma!
Special thanks to the team for everything you do! This and ClickUp should win awards ASAP!

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Hi! Very excited to be here. I’m Raja (@gupta_raja) a UI/UX and interaction designer based in West Bengal. India :heart:

Love to connect with all the designers.

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hi All,
I’m a paid user with serious account / billing issues and I can’t get a response from Figma for love or money (other than their automatic emails promising I’ll hear from them soon). After a month of trying repeatedly through their online contacts, I clearly need some other way to get support. Anyone know if there a phone number to get a human being to notice me?

Hi, :wave:

I’m Clyde D’Souza from Auckland, New Zealand. I’m a software developer by profession and the author of a children’s bedtime storybook titled Mama, Tell Me a Story. I’m learning to design and illustrate using Figma and have been loving the experience so far.

You can find me on Twitter @ClydeDz. I’m also posting my design progress on my Behance profile.


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Hi, everyone I’m Julian and I’m building a web application called Telly for the purpose of connecting individuals through video chat over interests. I’m learning design & full-stack development in order to better accomplish this. If you find that what I’m doing is interesting feel free to reach out and get involved. In all cases wish me luck! you can find me at @itsjuliandavid on Twitter and IG

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Raja are you available for work? Send me a portfolio link to my email
ill tell you more about what i need

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Are you looking for work? i need help building out my web app UI its for connecting people through video chat over interests! LMK