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👋 Introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Kris. I’m the lead designer on the software used to power this community Discourse… I’m also a Figma user, so I was excited to see this community take off (and love what the team at Figma did with the theme/styling).

I live in Boston, MA. After graduating design school I started in advertising and gradually moved my career towards interaction/UX design… I’m also a front-end developer and when I’m not mocking something up in Figma I build it natively in HTML/CSS.


Hi Genevieve!

Sounds like you might be having an issue with your network’s WebSocket configuration. If you haven’t already, I’d reach out to your IT team to see if there’s anything blocking port 403 and see if they can safe-list Figma.

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Hello guys, my name is Vu An. I am Product Designer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. You can find me at @vuan in Figma Community.

So exciting to explore in this brand new forum. You guys did a really great job on this <3

Glad to be a part with you guys here :smiley:


Una disculpa soy el responsable de la demora ya tome mi gobernancia y les prometo que estaremos codeando las mejores empresas ayúdenme y nos ayudamos a crecer estoy de la mano de Google github metha Sony y muchas más tengo la api nuget soy el desarrollador principal de la idea y créanme cualquier comentario o aportación sirve gracias espero poder ayudarlos en lo que sea

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Microsoft :stuck_out_tongue::sparkling_heart::heart:


Hello.My name is Polina. I live in Belarus. I am interested in graphics in design.


Hey there! I’m Joey. I’ve produced music and DJed professionally for the past 5 years. Now I’m a new UXer, but I’m really enjoying figma and design!


I my name is Dray Oni, I am a passionate Designer and I love doing awesome work and I prefer to collaborate than work alone, because it’s more fun and I get to learn alot.


Lebron James :basketball:

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Hi Figma Community!
I’m Rocio from Spain but based in London. I’ve been learning Figma by myself but I’m still at a beginner level, I guess. Looking forward to learning more tips and help with my support. Happy designing and prototyping!



Hi! Here is Cristina, from southern Spain. I’m a creative designer with experience in brand design. Now diving into UI and finding it’s such an exciting field! I’m learning Figma and I’m in love with it so far!


Hi Figma Community!
I’m Marcello from Brazil. I’m a creative designer with experience in brand design. Now diving into UI and finding it’s such an exciting field! I’m learning Figma and I’m in love with it.


Excuse me, but I don’t write english very well and your presentation it is very similar to my profile. Excuse me! :wink:

Might be good to move this conversation to a PM as to not clutter this post :slight_smile:

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Hi y’all, I’m Alessandro Mastrogiacomo @mastrooooooo on Twitter. I’m based in beautiful Florence :fleur_de_lis: in Italy.

I Design at where we help people making life easier when dealing with home utilities (we are Italy’s top reviewed supplier for energy and gas).

A pretty straightforward story, coming from Ps, then Sketch, now Figma since 2019.

When not moving pixel I have a vintage cycling association with a bunch of friends where we race in vintage amateur competion or roam in the beautiful Tuscan countryside (our motto is 1 bottle of wine every 10k). To stay healthy then during the week I play Tennis…

Love to help and get helped, love community, love you all. Ciao!


Hey friends :wave: My name is Michael Riddering but most people just call me Ridd.

I live in Michigan and am currently a design advisor for Shift Nudge and I’m also building out as a new learning community.

Let’s be friend on the Twitter bird!


Hi everyone,

I’m Nenad, a Graphic designer in Serbia. For most of the time. :slight_smile:
Also a 3D modeler and Sketch drawer.
Now I’m very interested in UI design and work in Figma. I have hope in this support forum and all the good people here. May Figma be with You!
:heart: Figma.


Hello everyone, my name is Giancarlo from Italy, I am a UI consultant and part-time prototyping teacher.
I have a background in DTP and Visual Design, but basically I am old enough to have witnessed the birth of the WWW, long before Atomic Design was even a (good) thing ;-}>.
You can get in touch with me here.

I am looking forward for the public release of interactive components, meanwhile I’ll be attending the livestream on Thursday. See you there, bye!


Hi all, I am Zhifeng and I am learning Figma and UI design and frontend development. The first day I learned about Figma, I felt amazed, however until recently I started the actually learning and practicing. I am doing a 100 day challenge with UI designing and I’ll be using Figma all along the journey.

I am also recording my learning experience on twitte, so if you are interested, please follow me on twitter @Zhifeng4cs.

I will post daily updates on what I was doing, and I need your feedback in case I missed anything (I am learning it by myself). Looking forward for your reply.



Working from home sculpting my Design System. Having worked with Sketch and all sorts I moved to Figma 3 years ago and boy What a Cool Tool. Massive fan especially now with interactive variants. Boy my brain went BOOOOM!
This puts my Design System on steroids. Full time. Period. Awesome!

You can reach me via my email if you have a question or need a second pair of eyes.

When Corona is not active I consider myself quite active - gym and stuff to keep my brain fit.